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Custom PC Builds in Cape Town 

The most powerful PCs are the ones that are custom made, built with performance, speed and cooling in mind. There’s all manner of reasons to opt for custom pc builds, be it to run a working computer that’s best suited to your working environment and demands, or a powerful gaming computer that can keep up with the latest gaming releases that ultimately put your PC to the test. No matter how good your network speed is, it won’t help you in an online game if your computer can’t keep up with the demanding graphic and CPU requirements.

Not everyone is clued up on PC parts, however, or how to bring them all together to create a functioning desktop computer. At GTR Computers our team of experts have been building custom pcs for years, from their own first builds to custom jobs for our customers. They run the PC build shop with exceptional attention to customer care, working with you to assess what kind of build would best suit your needs. By tapping into industry knowledge and years of experience we can bring all the parts together to create the build of your dreams.

If you already have your own custom pc and are looking to incorporate new parts and upgrades into your build. We can source and recommend the perfect parts for you, and give you helpful insight that can help you to max out your performance for less or avoid potential pitfalls in the future. We stock all the parts you could possibly need to build your pc, from monitors to graphics cards, CPUs to fans, colourful lights to PC cases of all shapes and sizes, and intricate cooling systems to hard drives. Everything you could need to bring your dream custom pc to life. And if we don’t have the part you’re looking for, we’ll gladly source it for you.