Refurbished Gaming Laptops

Your gaming laptop is your star device, powerful and portable, perfect for bringing along to LANS and competitions or bringing your laptop with you to game wherever you’re going. This is what sets a gaming laptop apart from PCs, giving you convenience with a lightweight and compact setup that you can simply plug and play. Affordability is also convenient, and while brand new, top-end gaming laptops typically cost more, refurbished gaming laptops give you substantially more than what you’d get from purchasing a brand new laptop for the same price.

Browse our range of reconditioned gaming laptops to find the perfect build to suit your gaming needs, whether you’re a professional tournament player or casual gamer enjoying single-player games and story-based RPGs, we have a selection of gaming laptops built to meet your requirements and preferences. If you have any questions about the strength of our builds and the process of refurbishing laptops for gaming, our technicians and specialists will be happy to discuss them with you and give you some clarity.

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And because the quality of your build is of utmost importance to you, our technicians here at GTR Computers always go the extra mile to make sure all our reconditioned gaming laptops are more than up to the challenge. As leaders in the gaming laptop and pc industry here in Cape Town, we have a vast wealth of experience to back us, equipping us with the industry knowledge to repair and recondition laptops with the best possible parts. This creates powerful and dependable builds that can stand up against even the most intense games on the market, priced at a rate that won’t break the bank.