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Refurbished All-in-One Computers

Everyone knows that while PCs are powerful pieces of equipment, they also tend to be rather cumbersome, taking up a great deal of space on your desk with the monitor, keyboard, and case needing a substantial amount of space, and that’s not even counting the mouse. And while laptops are certainly smaller and more compact, the screen is also smaller, which doesn’t suit everyone.

This is especially true for graphic designers or those looking to use their computers for entertainment. The simplest solution is what we call an All-in-One computer. These are monitors that have all the necessary PC hardware and systems fitted into them, allowing them to function as desktop computers without the large and clunky cases. We are the leading supplier of All-in-One desktop in South Africa, and we take great pride in these innovative devices.

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All you need to do is plug in a mouse and keyboard, and you’re all set to go! This makes setup with an All-in-One desktop incredibly easy, and you’ll love the large streamlined display. Over the years all-in-one computers have become thinner and smarter and PC components get smaller, and they’ve certainly come a long way since the first one, the iMac was made in 1998. Because of their compact nature, the All-in-One PCs don’t focus as much on performance as say a custom gaming build might, but this isn’t important if you’re looking for a work desktop or a personal computer for movies, music, and browsing. At GTR Computers we stock the most extensive range of new and refurbished All-in-One computers for sale in South Africa, giving you your pick of desktops from a number of leading brands such as HP and Apple. If you have any inquiries about our All-in-One computers, get in touch with us! Our experts will gladly answer your queries.