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R3,012 inc. VAT

!!AMD am4 Ryzen3 1200 4/4+Fan

R3,163 inc. VAT

!!AMD am4 Ryzen3 1300X 4/4+Fan

R3,175 inc. VAT

!!AMD am4 Ryzen5 1400 4/8+Fan

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R3,293 inc. VAT

!!AMD am4 Ryzen5 1500X 4/8+Fan

R3,264 inc. VAT

!!AMD am4 Ryzen5 1600 6/12+Fan

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R6,227 inc. VAT

!!AMD am4 Ryzen7 1700X 8/16-nf

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R7,535 inc. VAT

!!Amd am4 Ryzen7 1800X 8/16-nf

R1,128 inc. VAT

AMD am4 200GE 2+3+gpu

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R6,618 inc. VAT

!!AMD am4 Ryzen7 2700 8/16+Fan

R6,949 inc. VAT

!!AMD am4 Ryzen7 2700X 8/16+Fa

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R1,632 inc. VAT

AMD am4 athlon 3000G(ve3)+Fan

R2,445 inc. VAT

AMD am4 Ryzen3 3100 4/8+Fan

R2,209 inc. VAT

AMD am4 Ryzen3 3200G(ve8)+Fan

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R3,264 inc. VAT

AMD am4 Ryzen3 3300X 4/8+Fan

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R3,346 inc. VAT

AMD am4 Ryzen5 3400G(ve11)+Fan

R4,762 inc. VAT

AMD am4 Ryzen5 3600 6/12+Fan