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Desktop Cooling Systems 

R2,024 inc. VAT

Supports: AM4, AM3, FM2, LGA1200, 115x, LGA20xx fit on almost all modern AMD & Intel CPUs.

R39 inc. VAT

LGA2011 clip support V6 / V6GT cooler

R36 inc. VAT

LGA2011 clip support Hyper 212 Evo / Hyper 212 Plus

R45 inc. VAT

1. Specific designed for LGA1366 socket 2. Ease of installation (Similar to LGA775 installation steps) 3. Suitable for V8, Hyper Z600, Hyper Z600R, Hyper N620, Hyper N520, Hyper 212, GeminII S

R880 inc. VAT

  • LGA3647 air cooler with removable fan
  • Ideal for 2U rackmount

R558 inc. VAT

Designed for the LGA 1151/56/50 Socket

R1,694 inc. VAT

Sealed reservoir for zero maintenance for Intel LGA1155 / LGA1156 / LGA1366 / LGA2011

R497 inc. VAT

LGA2011 Air cooler Top blow

R2,091 inc. VAT

Corsair H80i GT(V2) CPU Water Cooling

R1,890 inc. VAT

Corsair H75 CPU water cooling

R1,211 inc. VAT

Corsair H60 CPU Water Cooling

R1,231 inc. VAT

  • Corsair H5-SF small-form fac

R1,172 inc. VAT

Corsair H55 CPU water cooling

R3,410 inc. VAT

Corsair H150i ProXt 360mm CPU Water Cooling

R3,349 inc. VAT

Corsair H150i Pro 360mm CPU Water Cooling

R2,699 inc. VAT

Corsair H115i CPU Water Cooling Rgb Platinum 280

R3,324 inc. VAT

Corsair H100i CPU Water Cooling RGB - White

R2,476 inc. VAT

!!Corsair H100i Pro 240mm wc