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The Global Graphics Card Shortage – What’s going on and Why is it happening?

If you’ve been in the market for a new GPU online, you’ve probably noticed that there’s a significant shortage of graphic cards, with the stock of new releases disappearing right before your eyes. Don’t worry, you’re not crazy, and it’s certainly not just you. Globally there’s a shortage of GPUs, and everyone is feeling the […]

What’s New About The Latest Intel i9 10th Generation Processors? Find Out Now!


Looking for a computer shop in Cape Town where you can get the best deals on the latest Intel processors? You’re in the right place! In this blog from GTR Computers, we’ll discuss the basics of the latest generation of Intel microprocessors. Let’s get started. What Are The New Features Of “Comet Lake” Intel i9 […]

What Is Ray Tracing? How Does It Work With NVIDIA RTX Graphics Cards?

NVIDIA RTX Graphics Cards

NVIDIA has just announced its next-generation graphics cards, the NVIDIA Ampere line. These 30XX graphics cards, like the previous year’s 20XX graphics cards, will support ray tracing as one of their primary benefits – and will also have dramatically enhanced performance, compared to last year’s NVIDIA graphics cards. If you’re thinking of heading to a […]

Should I Buy A Refurbished Laptop Or Desktop PC?

Refurbished Laptop Or Desktop PC

Refurbished Laptop Or Desktop PC? Looking for laptop deals online, or a great deal on a desktop PC? If so, shopping for a refurbished PC seems like a great option. Buying refurbished computers can save you some serious cash compared to buying a brand-new device. But is it really a good idea? Find out now!  […]

Do I Need An Aftermarket CPU Cooler? Understanding The Benefits

Aftermarket CPU Cooler

Do I Need An Aftermarket CPU Cooler? If you’re building a desktop PC in Cape Town and you are looking to save money while purchasing the components you need from a computer shop, you may be thinking about skipping an aftermarket CPU cooler.  After all, you can just use the stock cooler, right?  Well, things […]

What Is Overclocking A CPU? Understanding The Basics

Browsing a computer shop for components to build your own desktop PC? You may have heard of “overclocking” while doing research on the right PC components to buy. Wondering what it is, if it’s a good idea, and how to build an overclockable PC? Let’s discuss the basics now. Overclocking Is A Method Of Speeding […]

Look Out For These Warning Signs Of Hard Drive Failure

Hard Drives in Cape Town

Hard drives don’t last forever. Depending on the amount of computer usage, the average hard drive lasts between 3-5 years, and while some can last 10+ years, this is fairly uncommon. It’s important to know when a hard drive may be failing. Whether it’s an internal hard drive in your Desktop or PC, or an […]

Can I Build A Desktop Computer Without A Graphics Card?

Online PC Shop in Cape Town

Looking for a “computer shop near me,” where you can get the components you need to build your own PC? GTR Computers is here to help!  A common question that customers have when they build a PC is whether or not they need to buy a graphics card – also known as a Graphics Processing […]